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Next Review – #26 – Matt Moulson

By Gary Harding

82GP – 30G, 18A, -1, 16PM, 8PPG, 5GWG

The find of the year in the entire league in my opinion…. That has NO BIAS written into it at all.

A 26 year old that was stuck in the minors – not getting the chance, was given a shot by the Islanders in camp.

Did he impress?  What do you think!

He was told he made the team, but the coaching staff told him to play every game like it was his last.  Even after the great start he had, he still played that way.  As a matter of fact, he did that for all 82 games, leading the Isles in goals with 30.  His comfortability with his fellow Missisauga native John Taveras, led to a comfort zone for both the rookie and the veteran AHL’er.

We have not seen a player stick his body in front of the net – to get rebounds and get to pucks, since Mark Parrish.  A dirty goal to him is a goal indeed.  He did not look like a deer in headlights, in fact, the deer was charging the nets.

To see the flowing locks with the big smile after a goal, it almost looked Bossyesque (well – change the hair color and you had a chance).  With nothing expected, the returns are immeasurable.

He is a RFA this year, and I have NO DOUBT, that the Isles will take care of him.  There should be no reason to want to go anywhere else.  The Isles took the chance that NO one would.  Besides, he is playing with JT, and that can’t be all that bad…

I give him an “A”.  There will be so much more expected of him this season.  He will have expectations, and people to bicker if he doesn’t comply.  Will he get the same amount of numbers?  I really think he will.  It will not be as easy; teams will be looking for him.  However, with a young corps another year experienced, there has to be heads turning.

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