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Draft Day Surprises, It Seems the Isles Did Well

By John Panarese

I was a little disappointed when Florida picked Erik Gudbranson as their pick with the third selection. Frankly, that was the guy I really expected to fall perfectly to the fifth spot and right into the hands of the New York Islanders. If you believed all the rankings and the talk of the “experts”, it was apparent that this should have been the case.

Yet, so went that possibility when the Panthers announced him as their choice, and, instead, with the fifth pick, Garth Snow chose the Swiss born, Nino Niederreiter. I had been reading a lot about Nino, and I have to say that I was quite thrilled. I really wasn’t sure who we’d end up getting after Gudbranson went, and even though Fowler was still available at that point, I didn’t think we’d go with him.

So, overall, with the additions of trading to get the 30 pick and choosing Brock Nelson, and then ending up fortunate enough to still have Kirill Kabanov around in the third round, Snow even managed to grab him. From what I have read, it seems that Snow and company did pretty darn well this draft.

I think Niederreiter and Kabanov have a pretty good shot at even making the big club in September. Personally, I find Kabanov to be the most intriguing pick. Despite all the off ice drama and rumors, there is no debating his talent. Basically, as far as I can tell, it was a win/win to draft him, as if nothing happens, we lost nothing, yet if he even shows half of the skill he is expected to bring, he will be yet another piece to the offensive puzzle the Islanders need to build.

All in all, Garth and company, nicely done.