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Next Islander Review – #57 Blake Comeau

By John Panarese

What a pleasant surprise Mr. Comeau provided us with this season. Blake played 61 games and put up 17 goals and 18 assists for 35 total points, ending up with a -2. As the season passed, he seemed to find his confidence, and his offensive skill was demonstrated more and more each game. Frankly, I was personally quite impressed with his play on both offense and in regard to his defensive responsibilities. Islander fans have been hoping for Comeau to emerge as one of the future pieces of the puzzle for the team, and he really showed that he can be part of the offense.

Unfortunately, his season was cut short because of an injury. Just when it seemed he was going to score over 20 goals and, perhaps, even more than 25, the injury bug struck him. What was also quite impressive about him was his physical game. He didn’t seem to be afraid to take the body, and I recall more than a few games where he delivered some pretty solid hits.

Overall, I’d have to give Blake a B+. I think he can do much more, and I am going to be curious to see if his confidence will continue in the 2010-2011 season. If he picks up where he left off, the Islanders will have a badly needed scorer on the wing.