NY Islanders News

Bergenheim Bolts to Tampa

By Gary Harding

Our former #1 pick is gone.

Sean Bergenheim signs for the Lightning, ended his interesting career with the Islanders, as an enigma.

He has such talent, and at times, he can be such a DOMINANT presence in the lineup.  But there are the times, that he can look like a puppy at the mill wating to be taken home.

I wish him luck.  He is a good guy, and I hope that the change in scenery does him well.  He was the first interview that I ever did with a player (I covered Bridgeport during the lockout when he was playing there).  He was nice and did not get too on me with my questions.  I like his personality.  Hope he will fit with the run and gun Bolts.  It is nice I will get to see him in October when I go down to Florida.

Last week, I was at the NHL Booster Club convention.  An annual gathering of fans from across the NHL to socialize, and share our love of the game of hockey.  This event was hosted by the Pittsburgh Penguins Booster Club.  I will have an article and some pictures from the event to come soon.

Less than a month from training camp.  The convention is the point that starts to get the blood flowing for me, knowing that hockey can not be that far away.

Get psyched folks!