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Send the “Project” back

By Gary Harding

He wants to shed the image problem… So he is late to practice not only ONCE, but TWICE.  The first time – we can buy, but the second???  If I did something like that when my Dad was alive, I would get that NCIS slap to the head, but probably about TWICE as hard.

Kabanov needs to ‘grow up’.  As talented as he may be – he needs to mature and develop. Let him do that in Moncton.  He has eligibility left, and can be a use to Danny Flynn’s team.

Since the “Q” starts this weekend, it would be a good time to do that.

Looking forward to Saturday… Nice to be back in the building – seeing the Islander logo in full force.  Still curious on why we dont have any preseason games for another 6 days – but hey – there IS a plan…