NY Islanders News

Grabner in – Hilbert out

By Gary Harding

Quite an interesting move.  I am hearing from sources that Grabner could be another of these ‘sleeping giants’ that may just burst out at the seams.  As a matter of fact, I got an e-mail today from a man in Vancouver, who said the following: (I will keep his name out of the note)

"Greetings from Vancouver Island. I am 49 years old and have probably sent no more than 2 emails to hockey teams in my life.   So what prompts me to write to you? When Vancouver traded Michael Grabner to Florida as part of the Ballard trade I was choked.  Giving up Grabner was a price far too high to pay, in addition to the first round pick and Steve Bernier which we also gave up.  Last year Grabner really began to blossom as an NHL player.  He scored some nice goals in limited action and the future was looking great. You can imagine my shock over the weekend when I read that Florida had put Grabner on waivers! Congratulations to your team for having the smarts to pick him up.  Michael Grabner is fast, he can shoot the puck, and he can put it in the net.  You guys have yourselves a steal of a deal."

Interesting, eh?  Was not really surprised about Hilbert.  He will be a depth position in the ‘Port.

I think the next 24 hours may show some more interesting moves… Let’s check them out.

Three more days until opening day!