NY Islanders News

Opening night tonight – bring on the STARS!

By Gary Harding

The Stars, fresh off their overtime victory over the Devils last night – head onto I495 – to take on the Islanders.  Opening night is always a great opportunity to get excited.  With the injuries and problems of camp, the team is 0-0-0 and a chance for the team to be tied for first by the end of the night.

I will be tailgaiting in the parking lot at 3:30 – and then heading to the press box.  If you are on the south west corner of the parking lot – stop by and say hi!

I will be blogging a period by period breakdown – and will be on line if you are interested in talking to me.  Facebook – Gary Harding – AOL – nyibc1 – my twitter updates – islessection317.

Hope to see you at the Coliseum tonight – and lets rock the old barn!