NY Islanders News

A sweet win watching from the suite

By Gary Harding

Ferris Bueller once said, “If you ever get the opportunity – I highly recommend it.  Watching a game from a suite is a great opportunity to enjoy the company, have some good food and libation, and get the chance to see a great hockey match,

My friends and I did just that.

Oh yea – the Isles got the win too.

I have never witnessed a game take that long to determine a goal outcome.  It took over 10 minutes to determine that the shote from Matt Moulson crossed the line.   But to the delight of most people in our suite (there were some Bolts fans and one Hab fan – well – no comment on that), two more points from the first place Isles were a great result; albeit not the greatest of game played by the Isles.

There were many turnovers, botched passes, a lot of trouble getting the defense out of the zone.  The forwards at times looked lost and uncoordinated.  But the difference between this team, and Islander teams of the past, is that the guys continued to battle, even though their effort was not as stellar as normal.

What was great was the effort on the 5 on 3 kill.  There were moments when the team show great efforts.   DP was outstanding,  Konopka commented to the media that DP has suck a great glove.  The best part of that statement is that he only gets to see it happen to him im]n practice now.

Michael Grabne is showing glimpses into why he was picked up by the Isles.  Dale Tallon’s loss is Garth’s gain.  Nino got his first assist on the play, and now is giong to make the game 9 decision a great deal tougher for Garth and the gang.

Andrew MacDonald hurt his hand in the 3rd period and did not return.  His status will be evaluated today.  Blake Comeau was slammed in the third as well, but he came back in the OT session.

But the best part of the night was the suite.  It was a great night, and I know that everyone had a great time.  Again – thanks to Steve Duffy of the Tampa Bay Lightning for setting us up.

Tomorrow – the Dads tour hits Sunrise as the Isles take on the Panthers.  For me – I am still in Florida, and will be watching the game from a bar in downtown Orlando.  I get home on Sunday night – and head back to work on Monday.  Orlando weather is absolutely fantastic.  If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it!