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Losses at 5 – Frustrations getting higher

By Gary Harding

I only saw about the last period and a half. I heard the rest on WRHU (great job Kinger). I was banging the steering wheel with much regularity.

Ricky was just plain bad last night. The defense did not help either. In some cases, he was left to hang… The talk was there before the game, but the execution just did not make the list. I do understand that there is no ‘lollygagging’ out there. I know that they are professionals and are doing there job. No one is questioning that. I just feel that in some cases, the ‘want’ is not always present.

What do you do to get that ‘want’ to show? I, from seeing the replies, and hearing about the practices, do not feel that there is no desire. They are absolutely disgusted with losing, as well as giving the ‘good effort but no results’ answers that the team has given in the past.

So what do they need?

A little sooth-sayer casting spells? There may be some that may go that route?

Getting pucks to the net a little more often? Not a bad idea, but they are doing that – to most extents.

A little ‘luck’? Well – that may be an answer. Look at most teams that are successful. We know that they have talent – desire – heart, and passion. I really believe that the Isles have this as well. Right now – they are missing the kind of goal that former Islander Mark Parrish got – that in many cases, moved the team to better things. That would be the goal that went off the bum, or some silly way got past the goaltender. That goal – no matter how crazy it was, seemed to get the team moving the right way.

Maybe a shot off a skate, or crazy deflection would be the panacea for the woes of the Isles. Good thing is that tonight – against the Senators, they will get a chance to get back on the horse and move onward. I would assume after two disappointing efforts, Roloson would get the nod in the net tonight (would have expected it – win or loss anyway). A good dependable game in the nets can also help.

As for DiPietro – he needs confidence in the worst way. He has made some good saves, but it is the ‘simple’ play that has cursed him of late. I can see a “Sudsy” sighting soon – he seems to get Ricky to move in the right direction.

Have faith – I think this can be a reboundable situation. Confidence – a little luck, and some good kharma is always a panacea to a sports teams’ woes. Go get ’em boys!