NY Islanders News

Eight is enough

By Gary Harding

A good effort by this team – just another time that a goalie has stopped these guys in their tracks.

To be honest, I slept through most of this.  I got home from work at nearly 10:30 – watched the first and parts of the second, before my eyes had enough.  I really thought that the Isles played a good game.  They had their chances, but the Anaheim backup was the difference.  Isn’t it always when you are on a losing skid, that the goalie saves the winning teams butt all time?  Toinght, it happened again.

Tonight – the Isles head to the Tank to face the powerful Sharks team.  With a lot of offense, the D has to be as strong tonight as they were last night.  Maybe, they can solve the goal drought.  The same, if not more of an offensive effort has to be in place.

Last night was another one of those A for effort, but nothing to show for it.  Tonight – will we see 1 in a row or 9?  Tune in if you can tonight (I know I will not – I will be in bed early, that’s for sure), and check it out.

Have a hockey day folks.