NY Islanders News

A point… Yippee!

By Gary Harding

The Isles scored the first goal of the game.  They have not done that in nearly a month.

They ended 60 minutes deadlocked at one, against one of the strongest offensive teams in the NHL.  And there were times that the Isles really needed 7 men on the ice to hold them down.

Rollie was absolutely fantastic.  Anyone that believes that he should not be in the net for this team, needs to get a shot of reality.  I have not disrespect for Ricky, but right now – you HAVE to deal with the hot hand, and #30 is just that.  A GAA of under 2.25 with a record of 2-7.

Offensively – this team needs some sooth sayer – or divine intervention.  As a Catholic, holy water on the sticks may be the panacea.  It is not for effort – I can see it.  I think the Isles lead the league again in shots that get blocked.  “Wiz” seems to have radar for shin pads.

1 point in 4 is not good.  9 games without a win is definitely not good.  But in a case like this, you have to take something positive out of it.  Right now – the Isles are playing decently, and deserve better fates on the first two games of the California swing.  But the Gods are not shining on them right now.

Get the prayer chain going.

But we at least got a point… Yippee!