NY Islanders News

Thoughts on the changes

By Gary Harding

No one likes to see a man fired in-season.  The coach doesn’t get the full chance to change the future of the team.  Even though he was given time, the coach is always the one to blame in this, despite the 20 players that determine the outcome of a game.

It is always hard to watch or read the quotes of a fired coach, and in many cases, the players that feel they are the blame, but still remain, as the tactician goes.  Doug Weight showed that in his quotes yesterday.

What does Garth Snow need to do?  Three years ago – I honestly remarked that this team needed a ‘name’ as their coach.  They needed someone with some substantial experience, and a name that will make players listen.  I am not taking anything away from the record of Scott Gordon, because in the minors, he had just that.  Guys like Quenville, Hartley, among others, were around.  I really thought that Garth should go that way.  He felt otherwise, and that is why he is where he is and I am where I am.

I think he has another chance to do, in what my humble opinion, is get a coach with some serious credentials to take this team forward.  Jack Capuano is a good guy, and a loyal man to the organization, but he is going to preach the same thing, as Gordon did.  However, looking at the Bridgeport stat page, it is saying the same thing as the Islanders one.  There is a lack of scoring.  In the 1998 NHL that may have been a good thing, but in 2010-11, not the case.  This team needs to be offensive, take chances, and play a stronger game up front.  You can change the definition of the team in mid stream.  And since this course is not smooth, a change is needed.

All I can hope is that the same thing happens to this team, as what happened to the Dallas Cowboys last week.  The team was is disarray and totally discombobulated.  A coaching change was made, some discipline brought down, and look at the results.  A strong effort and big victory over a New York Giants team that was riding high before Sunday.  This team can do that too.

Tomorrow – they entertain Tampa – the last team that the Islanders beat.  This is a test to see how much the guys want it (I know they do – I would be stupid to say that they didn’t), but actions speak louder than words.  Keep the defensive style going – it is has been fine for most of the last 5 games, but they need to get some better opportunities at the net, and get some ‘crappy’ goals, to get the confidence mantra in motion.

Today is a new day.