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Game 1 of the Capuano Era tonight

By Gary Harding

What to expect?




All of the above.  Is it just human nature that the first game of a new coach’s era get his squad playing at their utmost, in trying to make sure that the performance are at their ultimate.  I do not expect the effort to be nothing but high.

Tampa is also a club struggling of late, and missing the services of their captain Vinny LeCavalier.  However – they have super star in the making, Steven Stamkos, who can beat you at the drop of a hat.

What do the Isles need to do to win?  The same thing I have been saying for the past few weeks.  They need to get a lucky goal – something that will boost their confidence, get a little smile on their collective faces, and take the momentum with them.

As to the coach – I hear so many people moaning about the choice of successor to Scott Gordon.  When you let go of a coach – you have to have an ‘interim’.  Capuano is the ‘interim’.  Do I hope that Garth gets a person with NHL experience to be the next head coach?  Absolutely – with no disrespect to Gordon – I think then and I still do now – that this team needs a tough but fair coach with some serious NHL experience.  There are some out there; Mactavis,h, Hitchcock, Hartley, among others; with the latter having a strong relationship with Snow.  It has to be something that needs to take some serious consideration.

Well – I probably will not be at the game tonight – due to work considerations.  So I will be listening to Kinger on WRHU and hoping for this team to finally get the next two points added to the record.