Great comeback – falls short at end

By Gary Harding

Unfortunately – I only saw the last 15 minutes of the game.  I heard the two thirds of it by Chris King’s great play-by-play on WRHU.

I was impressed by the Islanders tenacity.  They did not give up.  Even with a two goal deficit in the third, they plugged back in when it all look bleak.


The result may not have been what the fans wanted, but be proud of the job they did.  And now……

Tonight! Phew!

Coach Capuano seems to have the pulse of the team.  He has seemed to know how and when to push the buttons.  He has not been intimidated by coaching on the greatest league in the world.  I am glad to see that.

Also quite glad the Isles got efforts from guys you just do not expect to see on the scoresheet.  Konopka got his first as an Isle and his first in nearly 60 games.  Martinek got another goal (still saying my prayers for his continued good health).  Another great goal by Michael Grabner (could potentially be this year’s Matt Moulson).  And Robbie Scremp with a 55 footer that brought Biron out of the game.

Great momentum swing by Coach Tortorella by taking Marty Biron out of the net and replacing him with Lundqvist.  He had little action for about the first 20 minutes, but was severely tested at the end.  He was not “King-like”, but he gets the win nevertheless.  He should also be starting at the Garden tonight.

The Isles have not been intimidated by the Rangers at their home, or the fans either.  As much as the Rangers seem to control their destiny at Uniondale, the converse works for the Islanders.  I am hoping that this is the case this evening.

Should see Rollie for the first time in about 18 days.  Ricky was not as bad as the numbers seem.  Slip-ups?  Yes!  Wondering?  Yes!  But there were instances that he just plain committed highway robbery.  Ask Sean Avery about that…

What a great fight last night with Boogie man and Trevor Gillies.  Derek is so HUGE, but Trevor held his own:

Should be a good game tonight.  Hopefully for Islander fans, a nice victory would do the trick.

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Have a hockey day!