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Coyotes tonight – can the streak hit 2?

By Gary Harding

It was 99 seconds of bliss, but the Isles need to extend that by a little more.  Phoenix is a team that can be very dangerous.  With a small payroll, and a lot of talent, this can be what the Isles can look like if the cards are right and the moon lines up with the stars in the correct formation.

The JT, PA, MM line has been good, but more is needed from the other lines.

Are you wondering when Bailey is coming back?  12 points in 8 games is a good sign that he has his confidence back.  I think his lesson has been learned.   We could use the points.

I think that DP should be back in net tonight – despite the one gaffe, he deserves the shot to get his second consecutive victory.

I am hoping for a good amount of excitement.  Hopefully we will get a better crowd tonight.  If you are there, I will be at the Booster Club table between the first and second periods. Stop by and say hi.

I will be twittering throughout the game – my twitter id is islessection317.  Say hello.

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