NY Islanders News

Wahhhhh, I dont wanna play here

By Gary Harding

Nabokov is a big BABY!

There I said it.

The Russian goalie with nearly 300 NHL wins under his belt has decided that he does not want to play for the Islanders.  So he will not report.

Since you played in Russia, you can not just say I want to play with whoever I want to – you have to be exposed to the waiver wire, and since the Islanders are even more dire on goaltending than the Wings are, they WANT you.  In deed, they NEED YOU!  But what does this prima donna do – he cries to his agent and says I dont want to play here.  I want to play in Detroit.

Maybe it is that former ‘red’ influence.  Maybe it is a chance to be on a team that can contend for the cup.  The latter is probably right – but the choice is NOT up to him.

Garth has a plane waiting to get him to Long Island.  But according to Don Meehan – he will not be there.

I am usually not a nasty person by nature, but this could be a chance for you to get your game back, and perhaps get a bigger contract for next year.  Since we know that about $3 million US is worth about 1.2 Billion in Russia, you will have your lifestyle back.  But nooooooooo, I don’t want to play for that team that has such a bad arena and is at the bottom of the standings.

Well – I don’t want to pubically wish bad on you, but I hope you slide on something and you can not play again this year anyway.  That would be just deserts for you.  If you relent and decide to come – I will relinquish my wish.

Good luck, Mr. Nabokov