NY Islanders News

Thoughts from All-Star Weekend

By Gary Harding

Carolina did a great job hosting the game.  From what I hear, many were pleased.  I think most of those got some ‘pig’ at the tailgate.  Well – that will make anyone feel good right down to their bones.

Liked the format.  Fantasy draft was cool.  It just made it more fun for the guys, especially ones that normally would not get to ‘hang’ with certain guys (West/East, East/West).  Even Kessel, drafted last, get something out of it – so that is cool.

As far as the skills were concerned, seeing Michael Grabner (called the best dressed at the All Star Game), not only win the faster skater, but kicked some serious butt along the way, I know that the GM’s of Florida and Vancouver are really kicking themselves for not keeping the 23 year old Austrian.  Way to go Grabs!

Big Z getting nearly 106 on the gun was cool.  I bet he did not believe that anyone would challenge him, but Weber and Bufuyglien both got over 100MPH.

Liked that combo competition where they had to do one-timers, pass, skate, stick handle, and accuracy shoot.  That was cool.  Getting that puck through the line of pucks is not as easy as it looks.

The game was the usual high offense and no defense whatsoever.  The last two minutes, Team Lidstrom had to keep their focus to keep Staal’s team from tying.  Would not want to see that type of game every day, but once a year, it is fun.

Again – way to go Carolina for getting a good weekend together.

Tomorrow – back to Islander talk, and off to Atlanta they go today.