NY Islanders News

How do you solve a problem like DP?

By Gary Harding

According to reports from Arthur Staple in Newsday, Rick DiPietro is out again – this time with some facial fractures from his ‘one-punch’ episode with Brent Johnson the other night.  It is expected to be 4-6 weeks for his recovery.  Along with that – he has knee swelling as well.

Another season in collapse for the long term Islander goalie.  With Nathan Lawson out for another 2-4 weeks, who would think that Kevin Poulin would be the #1 goalie for this franchise right now?

It is an opportunity to get more of his foot in the NHL door.  He (Poulin) has respectable numbers, and other than a couple of bad moments, has not been an embarassment at all.  It is just tough for a 20 year old to get his NHL baptism in this kind of context.  With a Patrick Roy, for example, it was with a veteran Canadiens squad, that was able to let him blossom.

It has been a shame for this team, between the injuries and the embarassment of the Nabakov situation, as well as the arena issue too.  In many NHL circles, the Islanders are considered an embarassment.  All you can hope in this case, is that the team perseveres and works through it.  Being in the locker room and seeing these guys a little more up close than most – I know that this is a tight group and will button their chin straps and make the best of it.  I do not question that one iota.

The bug question, is whether DiPietro will ever get the luck or break (no pun intended), to make a move in the right direction on his career.  I am not saying that he is cursed, but it is starting to enter my mind….

Would have been interested in the buzz for tomorrow – but I have a birthday party to attend, and will not be at the game.  Please let me know what you think about the game and the atmosphere.