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The Fallout From Friday, The NHL, Once Again, Gets it Wrong

By John Panarese

OK, 9 games for Trevor Gillies?  Are you kidding me?  What a joke.  Once again, we see how inconsistent and ass backwards the discipline system of the NHL continues to be.  Matt Cooke, a repeat offender and league known “dirty player” got 4 for his hit from behind on Columbus’s Fedor Tyutin this passed week ….

Matt Martin of the Islanders also was suspended as well for 4 games, while the Islander organization received a $100000 fine from the league.  To me, in this specific case, it’s worth every dollar.  You can call it, “frontier justice” or whatever you like, but what happened on Friday night was a situation that had to happen.

However, that is my opinion as is this overall post.  In fact, to be clear, this is strictly my opinion and not necessarily that of the lead writer of this site, Gary.  I simply will repeat what I have said many times before on a much more consistent basis than the NHL has demonstrated in handling disciplinary actions.  Colin Campbell is a disgrace, and needs to be gone.

The actual problem here is not even what happened on Friday night at the NVMC.  If Max Talbot had been suspended by the NHL for his hit on Blake Comeau, which resulted in the player receiving a concussion, much of the nonsense would not have occurred.  Let’s not simply “blame” the fight between Rick DiPietro and Brent Johnson.  That might have been a minor issue at best resolved with far less than 346 total penalty minutes in the game.  This also is a result of many other examples of the league getting it wrong, and the Islander team basically having to protect themselves because the league will not do so.  I have no problem with that in the least.

Lastly, as I mentioned in my previous post, I find it absolutely comical to hear the Penguins announcers, some fans and some media people calling the Islanders “classless” and making various other ridiculous comments about Gillies and other players.  When you carry Matt Cooke and Max Talbot on your roster, and, thus, live in a big old glass house, you should not be casting stones, my hypocritical friends.  Talbot’s hit on Comeau was classless.  Ruining Marc Savard’s career was classless.  The hit  from behind on Fedor Tyutin was classless.  Let’s make sure we call spades spades here, OK?