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Kings – Isles tonight – time to start a new streak

By Gary Harding

Thoughts over the last few days:

1. Good job getting PA signed. He has worked hard, and deserved a chance. Great news.

2. Grasbner’s streak stopped. Not a big thing. Time to begin anew. He had opportunities on Thursday, it was not like he was shut out at all.

3. It is going to be tough on this team for the last 20 games with the goaltenders that they currently have. I am a little disappointed with Lawson. He honestly has not impressed me by any stretch. Montoya, has been yeoman like, but needs to control rebounds a little better.

4. JT has been playing quite weel, and is one goal from approaching last year’s total. Is 30 a possibility? Absolutely.

5. Moulson – the test against his Bro-in-law. He knows his weaknesses – that’s for sure. Time to do some exploitation on them.

I will be tweeting throughout the game. @IslesSection317. Or do a #isles – to get the guys in the press box. Hope it is 2 points for the Isles tonight.