Reunion night in Tampa

By Gary Harding

Hi Dyayne, it has been a long time…  Bergie, Nate, good to see you again.

Please don’t take any disrepect if we check you, or score on you, it’s just business.

That is the attitude the young Isles need to take tonight, as they play the last game of their 5 game road sojurn tonight, before heading home to their own homes and beds.  After a disappointing loss to the Rangers, the Isles got 3 out of 4 points from Carolina and Florida, before tonight clash against the Bolts.

Roloson has been a solid cog for Tampa since his arrival on the Gulf.  Four shutouts and a 2.50 GAA have made this team a legitimate conference contender.  Bergenheim has had a solid year with nearly 30 points and a -1 rating.  Nate Thompson has 8 goals and is playing 15 minutes a game for Tampa.  All three have made solid contributions as supporting players to the trio of LeCavalier, St. Louis and Stamkos.

For the Isles, the goalie start is still up in the air.  Ricky played well against Florida, and we all know what Montoya has done.  As we know – the key to playing against Roloson is get to him early; do not let him get in his comfort zone, or he will stand real tall and take you down.  The Isles need to keep their heads up and keep shooting.  They should hope for a 40 shot + barrage, but get the shooting gallery going early and often.

This is a chance to give the Islanders the opportunity to come home with 6 of 10 points on the trip.  For the Isles, that is a good sign, as we all know the problems that the team has had away from Uniondale this season.

A good test, as well as a chance to move up the conference standings board.  Good luck boys!