NY Islanders News

Three to go – Boston next

By Gary Harding

Not a spoiler game on Wednesday – that’s for sure.

For Ricky – it will be a chance to beat his hometown team.  Those games are always big for the New England boys.  Always were, and still are today.  The big bad Bruins are battling to keep the division lead, and the 3rd seed in the Conference.

As for Saturday night – it was just a matter of Carolina needing it more than the Islanders did, and showing it with conviction in the 3rd period.  The Isles were just not winning the battles in the corners, and the Canes getting pucks to the front of the net, and getting bodies there too.

The Isles were shooting, but not many high percentage opportunities.

The Isles power play has been a major achilles heel of late, as they only have a handful of goals in nearly 30 opportunities.  Not a lot of pressue at the net, and too much passing back and forth.  There is not the decisiveness that they had when they were winning 8 of 10.  I think this will be one of the major processes that the coaches will work on for this last week of the season.

Kudos to Garth Snow for not allowing Evgeni Nabakov to play with the Russian team for the upcoming world championships.  Since “Gene” dissed us – he is not going to get his wish to play…  If he gets to play in the NHL – Garth will at least get some value for him.  Well done..

The string is going to be sad for Isles fans as the end of the season approaches.  The silver lining though, is the positives that came out of the second half of the season, and the great hope for 2011-2012.

Have a great day!