“Dangerfield’s” go down to Bruins

By Gary Harding

It just figures.  I have said it once, I have said it 1,000 times…

Good teams and original six teams get all the calls, and get the breaks.  The teams that ‘need a break’ always have to be seeking some divine intervention to get a call go their way.

I know that in heaven, Rodney Dangerfield is wearing an Islander jersey.

John Tavares must have been the Bruins personal voodoo doll, as he was getting plucked, jabbed, stabbed and basically thrown around the ice.  Although, he drew a penalty late, but he could have caused about at least six Islander power plays last night.  Not that it was the reason that they lost the match last night.  The Boston goaltender was outstanding when he needed to be, and Michael Grabner can not do it alone.

Ricky had some brilliant moments, and a couple that he would like to get back.  The second goal was definitely an interference call that the referees just simply MISSED.  Peverly was fully in the Blue paint and pushing into DiPietro, obscuring his eye to the puck.  Again – if that was Matt Moulson leaning on Tim Thomas, do you think that the Isles would get a penalty?  Honestly – YES!

I think that the adjustment to ‘baby life’ is complete for Grabner, as he played a great game, got a PP goal as well as shortie, to take his number 2 in the NHL total to 6.  Great job by DP to get that puck to Comeau to set up Grabner’s 32nd.  The SHG he got was also a thing of beauty.  Just passing the Bruin defender like he was standing still, leaving nothing for Thomas to do, but try in vain to stop the Gremlin!

Not a terrible game – the Isles had their chances, but just could not get the equalizer.  With the D the Isles had, including UNH standout Matt Campanale with an amateur tryout for one game (which means he did NOT get paid).  He played just under 9 minutes, and was not lacking.  He got a 2 minute Delay of Game penalty, but gave a good effort.  Great to see his parents drive up from the Phily area for the game, and have to drive back, because his father had to work this morning.  Great story on him!

Well – the war with Pittsburgh is tomorrow – the last home game of the season.  As Rodney would say, “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!”  Well – maybe the converse?  Probably not – but it would make the season end interesting, wouldn’t it?