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No love for Nielsen

By Gary Harding

Just a quick post before the report cards begin…

I can not believe that Frans Nielsen was not a candidate for the Selke trophy.  I really thought he should be among the top 3 for the top defensive forward in the NHL.  He definitely played like he deserved to be there.  Leading the league in SHG with 7 should have been the MAJOR factor.

How many did Toews, Kesler and Datsyuk get?

I am not slighting the three…  They are great defensive forwards as well – but to me – it always seems like guys with offensive numbers keep getting nominated.  To me – this award is meant for a guy like #51.  A forward that you can depend on in situations where defense is needed.  I think that the players that are nominated are overall players, which is good, but when does a guy with not the strongest offensive skills get nominated?

Just my 2 cents worth.

Over the weekend, I will be starting my season ending review with Mark Eaton and Ty Wishart.  John should  be following up with his reviews on the guys.  Keep updated on the site, to see how we grade the guys, and compare ours to yours.

Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy round 2 of the playoffs.  BTW – predictions…

Vancouver in 6 over Nashville

San Jose in 7 over Detroit

Washington in 7 over Tampa

Philly in 6 over Boston