NY Islanders News

Thoughts on Round 2

By Gary Harding

Well – 0 for 2 on the East, and 1 for 1 so far on the West.

I expected Nashville to Vancouver fits.  They are just that type of team.  I have a great deal more respect for Nashville now.  They always were a real hard working team, but you saw it in the series that they just never stopped.

Didn’t they get the flukiest goals you ever saw?  I think that is all that David Legwand does in practice.  Joel Ward got his notice, and the NHL will have to keep a closer eye on this man from the U of PEI.

As far as Vancouver is concerned, they have won two series with some of their stars just hanging in there.  The twins are struggling to say the least, and Luongo is just getting by.  He is not ‘stealing’ games, and he will need to step up big time against either the Sharks or Wings.

Speaking of the Sharks, third periods have not been kind of late.  Guys needs to step up their, especially their big guns (Thornton, Marleau, etc.).  Maybe it is JR (Jeremy Roenick) that opened his mouth to wake up the former Shark Captain.

And do the Red Wings ever give up?  Just when you think the Sharks will commence their circling of the waters, the Wings wake up, forcing a game 6 at home.

Now – for the East, I can descibe Washington in one word:  COLLAPSE!

Tampa just blew them away.  In every facet of the game.  Although some of my friends will not admit it – Dwayne Roloson has been a god-send to the Lightning.  Also – the other ex-Islanders – Sean Bergenheim, Nate Thompson have played primary roles in the resurgence.  They just played the smackdown on the Caps.

Break up Washington.  There are some guys on this squad that need to go, and Alexander Semin is one of them.  He has to be one of the laziest players I have ever seen.  Reminds me of a guy named Oleg Kvasha. Hmmmmm.  This team is just not built for playoff hockey, and for the last two seasons, it has shown its ugly head.

For Philly and the revolving wheel of goalies, this second round was just about one team simply overpowering another.  Boston was just on its game, and got contributions from so many guys.  Kreici, Lucic, Marchand, among others.  Then you have Big Z just simply being Big Z.  Thomas after a little sluggish start, has turned heads of late, and is showing why he had the best save percentage of all time this season.

Round 2 has been fun.  Let’s see what round 3 will be like when the San Jose-Detroit series closes.