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Reviews of Mottau and Bailey

By Gary Harding

Mike Mottau – another trivia answer to who has played for all 3 local NY teams.

A solid citizen and a steady player, and when healthy, can be a big help to the team.  Unfortunately for him, injuries sidelined him for a major part of the season.

But he was always around the locker room and with the guys, and always seemed to have a smile on his face.  The kind of smile that shows that he WANTS to be here.

So much so – that he was in the crowd at the press conferences for the new arena, and actually spoke out at some of them.  If this person was not a part of the Islanders plans, would you think he would be there?

As far as the grade for him, I will give him a C, mostly because he missed the time.  Mottau is the kind of player that if you don’t hear his name much, he is doing his job.  I think he is a good influence and an extra ‘vet’ to go with Streit and Eaton on the blue line.  Having #4 and #10 healthy will allow DeHaan and Donovan to develop in Bridgeport fully, without having to be called up so much.

As for Bailey.  I love the guy.  Great quotes, good citizen, just a nice kid altogether.  He has had his ‘slumps’ and they are well documented.  There are moments that you can see that he will be a good top 9 forward for years to come.  I think that confidence is key to his success and getting the right combination to work with.

He needs to bulk a little more, and get his skating a little stronger.  He has the hands, but the other two facets will make his game even better.  I am giving him a C+, for his determination; not for the results.