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What does the average hockey fan think of this?

By Gary Harding

I got this video from a friend in England, it happened during a match between the Sheffield Steelers and the Belfast Giants.  Here is the scoop on the play:

"Steelers losing 1-0 to Giants with 43 seconds left , steelers score on a after a possible hand pass behind the net. Into o/t and steelers attack into the zone with a pass which looks offside although extensive replays are inconclusive , the clip shows from a second after the winning goal. The referee was struck and injured slightly and called a major penalty on the giants player , this was reviewed by the league and a six game suspension ( the minimum ) handed down. As you can imagine the forums have gone into meltdown , some saying it was accidental , some deliberate. Personally the act of raising a stick close to an official to show dissent should have been 20 games , never mind whether they made contact or not. You just cannot have this happening.I viewed it as dissent towards the official , and six inches to the right could have taken his head off. Without officials whether good or bad we have no game , these are not highly paid professionals but people doing it for a love of the game , they should in all circumstances be protected from intimidation and violence. Hockey prides itself on having a code of honour in relation to the physical side of the game , in swinging a stick towards an official and making contact that player has brought shame upon himself , his organisation and the sport of ice hockey."

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