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Happy Memorial Day

By ToSmith

Happy Memorial Day Islander’s Country . . .

  • Thanks to all the active duty servicemen and servicewomen.  You help make our country, and the free world, what it is.  Special thanks to the veterans of our armed services; especially those wounded or fallen in the line of service.  It takes a special breed to serve.
  • As outdated and cramped as the Coliseum is, I think it’s pretty exceptional that it was named in honor of Nassau’s veterans.
  • Nice job by the Shawinigan Cataractes and Kirill Kabanov for winning the 2012  Memorial Cup by beating the London Knights in yesterday’s final.
  • Lastly, within this post is a picture of my favorite Isles jersey.  Not so much for how it looks (though the digi-camo has a nice presentation), but for what it represents and the person who picked it out.  My bro, a career field-grade officer in the armed forces, snagged this  for me for Christmas a couple years ago after we saw some of these at the Coliseum (his first and only game so far).    HUGE thanks to him and his unbelievable wife and kids for the sacrfices they make!