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Early Atlantic Predictions


Here it is, the official welcome piece from me to you, you’re welcome! My name is Benjamin and I am a New York native. Not the city, but upstate, Adirondack region. I have loved hockey from a young age and played it all my life. Being married with children a dog and a full time job leaves little to no time to lace up the skates. I will write from a 100% biased standpoint. If an Isle takes a dive, ill blame the zamboni driver for poor ice resurfacing techniques. If the Isles lose I will blame the rink electrician for not keeping a proper wattage on the rink lights therefore making the goalies job nearly impossible. I will not ever degrade another team or player. I will be honest with my feelings and beliefs, and at the same time add humor at all possible junctures. Enough about me, bring on the Isles!
I am looking forward to this upcoming season. I think it is going to be a year for the Islanders to prove who they are and that the young talent is developing into what we all pray and hope it does. Playoffs, no chance. Coach finishes the year, anyone’s guess. Islanders finish the year at the bottom of the division, that’s where it gets interesting. Face it, this division is stacked! The Rangers are super human, the Flyers are perennial threat and the Penguins have a lineup that Lemieux will smile about for the next decade. The biggest question in my eyes at this point is the Devils. I believe New Jersey fans are in for a rough season. This free agent season was headline by Mr. Parise. In what seemed to be an eternity, Minnesota was his selected destination when he FINALLY made his decision leaving the Devils with a HUGE hole to fill. Not only that, but Brodeur. When on his game, he is elite. Not just throughout the National Hockey League, but the world. However let’s face it, 40 is most definitely not the new 24. I’m about to turn 29 and even I wake up in the mornings and think to myself “man I really worked that remote last night, my thumb is throbbing”.
Prediction: The New York Islanders will finish the season in 4th place in the Atlantic Division, ahead of the New Jersey Devils. The will collect 85-90 points. I know, wild right? Check out this last prediction. Wait for it, Ricky D will go start to finish, healthy (I feel as if I should knock on wood and I apologize if I just jinxed him).
In all seriousness folks, I am stoked to be a part of the family. I look forward to hearing any and all comments on pieces I post. Bring it on, and most importantly, Go Isles Go!