NY Islanders News


By B.W.Staley

The New York Islanders logo is simple. All it takes is one look for a split second, and if you are even a fair weather hockey fan, you’ll know what logo you’re looking at. But how did it come to be? It is my belief that any person who calls themselves a fan of any team in any sport should have a solid understanding of that team’s history.
Class is in session. It was a cold and blustery day back in 1972 when John Alogna created the masterpiece referred to as the New York islanders logo. Just kidding about the temperature by the way, I have no clue what it was like outside, who cares. Anyways, the logo itself is very self explanatory. Just take a second to look at and you’ll start to see all the little details. The letters N and Y, obviously, with the lower portion of the Y turning into a hockey stick. What appears to be an orange blob of excess ink in the center of the logo is actually a silhouette of a portion of Long Island. The I in Islanders actually ends in a point, and the point just so happens to point in the vicinity of Uniondale. A thing of beauty.
No some people love this next part, while others despise this like a red headed step child. We will simply refer to it as “fishsticks”. In 1995 what started out as a great idea to update the logo and throw out a fresh new vibe on the franchise turned into a travesty. Enter the fisherman. The revamped logo had almost pastel colors, the team name (Islanders) written at the bottom with a fisherman looming over it in front of a net. Yes folks, a fisherman. It resembled a fisherman so much that many opposing teams fans picked up on this and began chanting (we want fishsticks). Hilarious yes, however when you play a sport as rough as hockey with fans as passionate as ours, there is no need to fuel the fire when it comes to taunts or insults. Thankfully not even 5 years went by before the fisherman set sail, hopefully permanently might I add.
This past season the Isles unveiled a third jersey. I happen to love them. They are a perfect combination of black, grey and orange with white and blue trim. Thumbs up for this one boys and girls.
Class dismissed.