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Ricky makes “Joey’s” day


Anyone who thinks that hockey players are insensitive and not out in the public is extremely misguided.

I saw on the Islanders web site that Rick DiPietro went to the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island to visit Joey, the 4 month old Pit Bull puppy that was thrown out of a speeding car last week near the Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center in Brentwood.  This poor little guy has serious injuries over all of his body.

When Joey was brought into the Veterinary Center, Joey had a broken neck, bruised lungs and chest trauma, as well as wounds around his neck.  There were also a sign of possible bite marks, due to the possibility of some dog fights. According to an Emergency Doctor at the clinic, who was the first one to get a look at the injured canine, estimated at about three months old.

Rick, as well as his wife Cassie, are huge animal lovers and are staunch supporters of the North Shore Animal League, so for the couple to reach out to this little dog, is no surprise at all.

“He (Joey) is doing really well,” Mrs. DiPietro said to New York “It was nice to see him trying to move his front legs and crawl to us and eat the treats up. It’s nice to see that he’s in good hands right now.”

This is the kind of story that makes hockey players among the best on the planet!  Please click on the link below, in order for you to see the pictures  Please spread this around

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