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17 Days until Armageddon…

By Gary Harding

The day I heard that Donald Fehr became the head of the players union, I was taken aback.  The man that ‘destroyed’ baseball (well – to a point), is now going to run the NHL players with an impending end of the CBA.

I can honestly say that at this time, with about 17 days remaining to the end of the contract, that the players are not the bad guys here.

Right away, you look at what the league proposed, and say, “Uh oh…, this is war!”.  You really can not argue that the issue on length of contract problems (see #39 in Blue and Orange for an example of that).  The percentage (57% to the players) definitely needs to be cut down.  However, not so sure about how far it should be reduced to.

Fehr has said all along that the players will not strike.  They will not walk out of camp.  The players want to be there, and play.  The older NHL veteran does remember 2005, and what it has taken for the league to get from that nadir, to the level they are at now.  Hockey is as popular as ever.  I know that the players are wanting to keep that popularity up and thriving.

For management, however, the only thing that I am for, especially writing for a team that is on the lower end of the spectrum, is the need for revenue sharing.  Yes, there is a cap, however, the have’s are so far ahead of the have not’s.  There has to be a way that the lower echelon teams can compete and succeed.  It has to come in time, and hopefully this deal will allow it to be done.

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