Why The Islanders Are Special To Me: A Fan’s Perspective

By Andy Graziano

Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Middletown, N. J. – In our continuing series of fan posts relating to what the New York Islanders 2013 season meant to them, below is another contribution that we received through our facebook page.

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Submitted by: Anna Mossini, Brentwood, NY

I would like to tell you how I felt about this season.

I have been a fan of the Islanders since I was a little kid & these last couple of seasons people thought they were a joke & would never make it to the playoffs. On top of that, they would be moving to Brooklyn.

Then, this season happened. They had the short season & no one thought they would be anywhere near playoffs. I watched games where they got blown out of the water, but I still loved them. All of a sudden at the end of March, something clicked for them. Nabokov was a brick wall, other lines were scoring and the defense was working together: I mean they looked like a real team & family.

When they got closer to the playoff clinch I knew in my heart this was a different team. They were driven, resilient, & they played with their hearts & put out everything they had. When they started playing the Penguins the first game we got creamed. Everyone thought we were done for. I did not. I knew they would fight with everything they had. I believed they could do it. Everyone said I was crazy & they would get blown out. Then game 2 happened. Okposo’s fight was a game changer!! They won in Pittsburgh!! No one could believe it. They were determined to win & they did!!

Then games 3 & 4 at the barn were amazing!! The atmosphere was exciting!! Everyone was supporting them & the fans overpowered every other fanbase!! It was phenomenal!! To win 2 games against the Pens was crazy!! They played with heart and grit & so much determination that they gave them a run for their money & made everyone have respect for them!!

Even though they lost, they still won in every other way. The way they played was unbelievable & they should have gone to the second round, but I know next season we will. They are just going to keep getting better & better!! I believe in the Islanders & always will!! I know they will get that cup & that team is going to be special.

The Islanders will always be special to me.