Toronto Is Berning-Leafs Acquire Jonathan Bernier

By Eric Bordin
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Tale of the Tape

 Jonathan Bernier-G-6′, 185 lbs, will turn 25 in August. Drafted by the Los Angeles Kings 11th overall in the 2006 draft. 29-20-6 with a 2.36 GAA in 62 total NHL games. He is a pretty highly regarded prospect who was never going to get a shot at the starting job in LA because of Jonathan Quick.  The Hockey News says Bernier has cat-like reflexes and his skills are first-rate. Unfortunately, he has a habit of letting in some bad goals and he lacks consistency. He has never been a starter in the NHL, but it’s highly doubtful the Leafs would trade for him to make him ride the pine.

Ben Scrivens– G-6’2″, 196 lbs, will turn 27 in September. He was undrafted and signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs in April of 2010, after he played 4 years at Cornell University.  Scrivens is almost exactly the opposite of Bernier. He doesn’t have the quickest reflexes, but he has a very calm demeanor. He can move quickly between the pipes, but like Bernier, Scrivens seems to lack consistency. He is 11-14-2, with a 2.88  GAA in 32 NHL games with Toronto. He was a backup in Toronto and will be there as the backup for Jonathan Quick when he needs a rest. I expect to see him between the pipes about 10-15 times next season. Again, if he is outstanding and really plays well, the Kings could have another interesting situation on their hands. Scrivens will be an unrestricted free agent after this season .

Matt FrattinF-6′, 200 lbs, 25 years old. He won’t be 26 until January 2014. Drafted in the 4th round, 99th  overall by the Leafs in 2007.  So, you have to think with everything LA was rumored to be wanting for Bernier, Frattin has to be something special right? Well, that remains to be seen. His departure isn’t really sending any Leafs fans running for the hills. He was a decent prospect but he has not really established himself as elite. One Leaf fan told me “when he was on, he was great like anyone else, and he was respected, yes. I am not upset about him -I did like him and he had great chemistry with Nazem Kadri but when he came back from injury, that chemistry just wasn’t there.” She also stated “I am more mixed about Bernier coming. Reimer needs to develop and he can’t do that riding the pine-my feathers are ruffled about that for sure.” Frattin has 15 goals and 13 assists in 82 career NHL games.

He split his time between the AHL Toronto Marlies and the Leafs last season, playing 25 games with the big club.  While playing with the Marlies in the Calder Cup Playoffs during the 2011-12 season, Frattin lit it up. He had 10 goals and 3 assists in 13 games.  Unfortunately, he had a knee injury that ended his season abruptly.  He was racing for the puck, crashed into the net, and tore up his knee. He had to undergo reconstructive knee surgery but was ready for the 2012-13 season. He suffered a small setback this past season in that same knee, forcing him to miss 12 games.

All the scouting reports on Frattin seem to indicate he is a speedy winger, with a great, heavy shot. He also has some toughness to him and is not afraid to throw a hit or finish a check. Kadri called their tandem “the Dynamic Duo”. But let’s not get crazy here. He isn’t John Tavares. He is a solid 2nd or 3rd round talent, who has a decent shot at making the Kings lineup in 2013-14.