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Toronto Is Berning-Leafs Acquire Jonathan Bernier

By Eric Bordin
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What Would It Take?

The New York Islanders’ issues in net are well documented. Evgeni Nabokov has been a solid acquisition, but most fans feel that it’s time to move on and go younger. Reimer would fit the bill on that end. He has proven he can be a starter and his 2.88 GAA could very well have stolen the Round 1 series for the Islanders. But, of course, that’s a different team with a different defense. So, it’s hard to compare his numbers to Nabby’s.

The Leafs are going to have to deal Reimer unless they find some way to have 2 starters. If the Isles want to acquire Reimer, it may cost them a draft pick, it may cost them a prospect like Nino Niederreiter (whom I have no doubt will be traded-as soon as Sunday).  Either way, I don’t see Toronto getting the bounty for Reimer that the Kings got for Bernier. It may be a player, it may be a pick, but I don’t see it being both.

My Conclusion

Right now, I believe Toronto won this deal. They gave up their backup and a middle of the road prospect/player for a starting goaltender who very well may be an improvement over what they had. It’s just a first glance and there is plenty of time for the trade to swing either way.

No matter what, with the draft just a week away, the trade winds are sure to be blowing even more strongly over the next 7 days.