Shane Blackburn, Your Newest Staff Writer

By Shane Blackburn

Staten Island, NY – Growing up in Staten Island, NY everyone is infatuated with the Yankees and the Giants, but I chose a different route, the New York Islanders.  I have been watching the Islanders for as long as I can remember; my mom once recorded an Islanders’ game and would play the same game for me over and over on the VCR, not only did I not notice (I was two) but I loved every second of watching it.

I began “playing” hockey when I was three years old and played until I was 18.  I was no superstar, but I was no slouch as I played three years of varsity hockey at Andy Graziano’s Alma Mater, St. Peter’s Boys High School and played three years of junior hockey in the Continental Hockey Association (CHA) for the Metro Fighting Moose.  I now coach the St. Peter’s Eagles Varsity team and pride myself on knowing a thing or two about the sport that I love.

I would love to make a career out of my two passions, hockey and communicating.  I currently publish an all sports podcast over at and plan on implementing everything I have learned into an Eyes On Isles Podcast in the very near future, be on the lookout for that.  I am very excited to be onboard as a Staff Writer here and I plan on providing an analytical view of the New York Islanders with a touch of entertainment, as they enter what could be a return to the Glory Days.

I know all Islander fans see the direction this organization is heading and I am sure we all agree when I say it is time to beLIeve.

I hope my posts prove to be informative and entertaining and I welcome all forms of feedback and communication with all New York Islander Fans and Eyes On Isles Readers.


Easily communicate with me through:
Twitter: @ShaneB_WSIA