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Top Shelf: Islanders Daily : 8/20/2013

By Ashley March

Well a bright and good morning to you Isles fans!

I first want to apologize for not getting out last week’s “Flashback Friday”. I was down for the count with a deadly cold and slept the majority of four days away with the exception of attempting my day job. Didn’t turn out so well. Anyway, I’ll have a jam packed version of “Flashback Friday” out this week for you to enjoy!

Once again, NHL news is at a stale mate but how about some MLB! How about Ryan Dempster beaning A-Rod a couple nights ago? It was clearly pre-meditated and you know what? Good for him. A-Rod is leaving such a disgrace on the game. Also, how about them Mets?!

(“Hometown” Blue Jays are still terrible, as always.)

Junior OHL, WHL and QMJHL  training camps are getting underway in the next two weeks and that only means that we are that much close to the puck dropping. I seriously can not wait. The anticipation for this year is killing me!

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I need this.

As a Canadian, gonna have to take your word for it bud.

Spoiler: I didn’t make it.