New York Islanders Debut New Slogan

By Reagan King

The Islanders released their new slogan on Sept. 3 focused on the 2013-14 season.

The Islanders recently revealed a new slogan for the upcoming 2013-14 season.

“A Shift in Power” in white text sits atop a background below the familiar, untouched New York Islanders logo. Many fans, myself included, were a little confused at the news. Not necessarily in a good or bad way, but curiosity struck us all. The phrase and the color choice are extremely bold and of course, make fans wonder what is going on with all that black.

What seems like the most obvious theory for the color choice is preparing for upcoming Brooklyn events. From a one day training camp stay, to the September 21st preseason game against the New Jersey Devils, and even beyond to the full move in a couple of years, this may be a strategy to ease fans into the inclusion of more black in the Islanders future. Black almost seems to be an inevitable addition (outside of their current alternate jerseys) to the Isles color scheme, but looking more into it, it’s looking more like a sign of the times moving forward, and putting the past in the rear view mirror.

Between the buyout of a poor contract and stitching a “C” to the face of the franchise’s sweater next week, a shift in power may be in the very near future, and it’s certainly the goal for the upcoming season. At this point, it’s just speculation as to why the color was chosen,  but nonetheless, the statement is loud and optimistic.

The new slogan promotes a new attitude within the Islanders franchise. One we haven’t seen for a very long time. As fans, we haven’t seen this much off-season excitement and chatter in years. Every signing, development, or who ate what for breakfast this morning sparks conversation. The Islanders organization are taking full advantage of the optimism in fans and the team, going 110% into the season. The phrase screams it’s now “all or nothing” for the team. They saw the playoffs last season and they’re hungry for more. Just getting back isn’t enough for this young core. They’re thirsty and they want not just everyone in New York to know it, but everyone in the League.

“A Shift in Power” is on the horizon for the Islanders. Hockey power in New York has rested in the heart of Manhattan for too long, and it’s time for that power to shift back to Long Island…and Brooklyn.