Islanders Season Preview : Questions? We Got Answers

By Andy Graziano
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3. With Tons Of Assets, In A Perfect World, Who Would Be Your Ideal Islanders Trade Target?

Andy – Of course, I would have to be the one to ask MYSELF a tough question…For me, the ideal ‘possibly available’ target would be Thomas Vanek of the Buffalo Sabres. Skilled and sleek, he would I feel be the perfect compliment to Tavares and Moulson on the Islanders first line. Imagine the nightmares those three can cause not only opposing goaltenders, but defensemen as well?

Rich – Although I might get some cabbage and rotten tomatoes thrown my way for saying this, but in an ideal world, PK Subban. His bridge contract has opened up a Pandora’s box of sorts (ask Glen Sather and Derek Stepan), but he represents that missing piece on anyone’s squad. He’s the best NHL defenseman second only to Alex Pietrangelo. And since the Petro trade I imagined in my mind never transpired, I thus defer to my second pipedream aforementioned. Otherwise, I want to fast forward time and have Ryan Strome in an Islanders uniform and on John Tavares’s wing. We don’t need anyone else. 

Mike W – I’m going to assume the “perfect world” doesn’t necessarily mean “fantasy trade” (although that might be the entire point, here), and try to be somewhat realistic. I’ll also limit my answer to non-roster players, thereby eliminating all the guys from last year’s starting lineup. We all know the Isles have a ton of prospects that Snow can use as trade bait, something no other organization – except the Florida Panthers – can claim. Assuming a team would be willing to deal an NHL-ready guy for a couple of prospects and a draft pick, I’d like to see a deal made for a guy like San Jose Sharks F Logan Couture, Edmonton Oilers F Taylor Hall, Pittsburgh Penguins F James Neal, or Dallas Stars F Jamie Benn: a young left winger who can score. If Snow doesn’t re-sign Matt Moulson, one of those kids could slide in alongside Tavares on the top line. If Snow gets a Moulson deal done, they’d be an ideal addition to the second line for years to come.

Chris – I would love to see them pull a player off of a team in a tight cap situation like Milan Lucic in Boston, or David Backes in St. Louis. The Islanders would get a player that could immediately bring scoring AND toughness alongside Tavares….in a perfect world, of course.

Eric – Nabokov is a good hold over for now. But let’s face it, the Islanders goaltending future is not bright. My ideal target? Henrik Lundqvist. Realistically? Ryan Miller. The Isles need a future goalie. Defensively they have a future, offensively they are well on their way. There’s a giant, gaping hold between the pipes.

Mike R – As we know, there is not much that is perfect in this world, except for my future bride, had to throw that in or I might not be allowed in bed tonight!! hah.  With that being said, if I  had a ton of assets and a few first round picks, I would mortgage the farm and beg the Penguins to give us Crosby. Obviously, this will never happen, but it was fun to think about for a few minutes!!!

Shane – I don’t have a particular name in mind, but a strong stay-at-home defenseman to help bolster the Islanders’ blue line.

Pete – I feel if there is anyone the Islanders should pursue, it should be Cody Franson. THey have so many assets they could use in a trade, and the deal is just sensible for both parties involved.

Reagan  – Going into the season, it’s tough to pinpoint who they could use. Depth at the 3rd or 4th line is never a bad move, but goaltending and strong defense is never a bad idea for a team that has more or less struggling in both departments for a while now. I’d still love to see Cody Franson on the roster at some point…think he’d be the perfect candidate to take the defense to the next level.

Joe – If the cards were in place and we had the players they were looking for, I would call up the Buffalo Sabres and inquire for goaltender Ryan Miller. With a season left on his contract and no renegotiations in the foreseeable future, it could happen. A stalwart of a goalie who is capable of single-handedly winning you games, Miller could transform the Islanders from a good team to a scary good team.