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Islanders Season Preview : Questions? We Got Answers

By Andy Graziano
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4. Does Garth Snow Absolutely Have To Lock Up Matt Moulson To A Long Term Deal?

Andy – Snow has done a remarkable job rebuilding this franchise where they are in a position to compete for a very long time but 30 goal wingers do not grow on trees. John Tavares absolutely loves playing with Moulson as his winger and I think for those reasons, this deal gets done in the neighborhood of 3 years/13.5mm. To exactly answer the question as it was posed. yes…..he does.

Rich – Tough question. All depends upon whether or not Matt Moulson continues being the facilitator of good hockey for John Tavares. In all honesty, Moulson is a stellar player and a good, solid rock of an athlete.  But with the talent pool being what it is in Bridgeport, and Snow protective of the youth, Matt Moulson is the only viable trading piece (if the need arises, and we hope it doesn’t) along with Franz Nielsen the Islanders have at present.

Mike W – Snow doesn’t “absolutely” have to lock up Moulson long-term after this season, although I think it’s the smart thing to do. Besides the fact that Capuano can pencil him in for 82+ games and 30 goals a year without batting an eye, there’s Moulson’s chemistry with Tavares and his locker room presence to consider. Snow clearly values players that embody the team concept he’s instilled on Long Island, and Moulson is the prototypical Snow-type player in that sense. With guys like Bailey, Hamonic and Tavares all getting long-term deals, Moulson seems to be a logical choice for a similar deal (estimated 4 years, $18 million).

Chris – No, I don’t think so. He doesn’t have to break something that doesn’t need fixing either. The only way Moulson gets replaced is if they replace him with a superstar.

Eric – For sure. How much more does he have to prove before he’s considered legit? Lock him up.

Mike R – I’m on the fence with this one..I love Moulson, don’t get me wrong, but I am not sure locking him up for the money he is gonna want is worth it in the long run. He has been a consistent 30 goalie scorer, but if the asking price is too much, you may have to let him walk.

Shane – I don’t think it is an absolute necessity, there are other players on the roster I feel are more important to lock up for the future success of the team.

Pete – Moulson has served the Islanders very well in the past, but he shouldn’t be given a long term contract. Not to say the Islanders shouldn’t give him a deal; they’d be foolish not to. Moulson should be given a 3 year deal. He can still be a viable first line forward while the young guys develop their NHL game. In three years, the prospects will be ready and raring to go, removing the need of Moulson. Ultimately, a 3 year, 12 million dollar contract would be the best fit for Number 26.

Reagan – Absolutely? No. John Tavares’ favorite target’s future with the Isles should be based off of his past performance, but also how well he plays this year. I love how the two play together, but I wouldn’t say he 100% needs to lock him up for a deal, especially long term. With the amount of prospects fighting for spots, if a deal is made, a 3 year deal would be put Moulson at 33 and give him a few more years to evaluate his play.

Joe – If Garth Snow is a smart man, and he is. I’m talking about one of the best GM’s in the league, he will lock up Matt Moulson long term. He’s a fan favorite, gritty, and has a nose for goal. As a secondary scorer with a good amount of pressure on him in years where the teams struggled, with more talent coming in and the offense surely to become more prolific, Moulson will be a fantastic complimentary scorer.