Islanders Season Preview : Questions? We Got Answers

By Andy Graziano
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5. Predict The Isles Record And Finish This Season Within The Metropolitan Division And Eastern Conference.

AndyThe Islanders will finish 41-29-12, good for 94 points and 3rd place in the Metropolitan division. They will be 3-4 points behind the Rangers but automatically qualify for the post-season as one of the top 3. I’ll go one step further and say they advance to the second round after finishing 5th in the conference.

Rich – Isles finish 40-35-7; and one must wonder to what degree the Red Wings and Blue Jackets affect the grand scheme of things.

Mike W – 41–30–11 (93 PTS) Division: 3rd place (PIT, NYR) Conference: 6th place (PIT, BOS, MTL, NYR, OTT)

Chris – If all goes well, the Isles could finish 43-27-7-5 for 98 points.

Eric – Isles finish 2nd in the division, 5th in the Conference with a 41-30-11 record.

Mike R – Hmm..this is a tough one and my name isn’t Nostradomus, so this is a shot in the dark!!!  I’m gonna go with 48-28-6 and a sixth place finish in the East!!!

Shane – 46- 30 – 6. 4th in the Metropolitan division and 7th in the Eastern Conference. I think they will have a better record than the 3rd place team in the Atlantic Division but will be 7th in the East due to the new playoff format. 

Pete –  Islanders 2013-14 Record: 43-33-6: 92 points: Sixth in the Eastern Conference.

Reagan –36-35-11. 6th in the Metropolitan Division (between going with conservative numbers and not knowing who’s coming out of camp, I’d rather shoot low and be pleasantly surprised).

Joe – The Islanders will go 41-30-11 and finish fourth in the Metropolitan Division and seventh in the Eastern Conference. They’ll finish behind the Penguins, Capitals and Rangers in the division. Patience Islanders fans, the orange and blue will overtake the Rangers as the best team in New York soon enough.