It’s An Awfully Long Season Boys : Take A Breath

By Peter McEntee

Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports Buffalo Sabres

Warning: Short Rant Ahead

Last night, the Islanders suffered what undoubtedly was their most frustrating loss of the season. They managed to secure a point in last night’s contest against the struggling Buffalo Sabres, but blew 3 leads during the course of the game.

Fans last night were irate after the loss, calling for drastic changes in the line-up. They felt that the new offensive lines made by head coach Jack Capuano were inefficient, and that the team should start sending players down and calling the young guys up. They wanted changes on the defensive side as well, following a poor game by majority of the blue line squad last night.

Guys, it was only one loss. One loss that came in the sixth game of the season. Obviously every game is as important as the next, but what’s the sense of blowing up and demanding drastic changes over one game? There is no sense involved. Game 6 of an 82 game season is by no stretch a “must win”.

People on social media have been bashing Capuano for shaking up the offensive lines prior to last night’s game. Personally, I feel that temporarily re-arranging the lines serves well for this team. They looked flat on the two game road trip, save for the scoring bursts that came and went in less than 70 seconds in both games.

Like I said, temporarily changing the lines served as a wake up call. The Islanders as a team are well aware of what they did wrong last night. They are frustrated after last night’s game, which is understandable given the circumstances. They’re going to be coming out on the ice on Thursday playing with a purpose. We saw it last year as well, the Islanders came off a very frustrating 6-4 loss at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes. The Islanders scored four times on the power play, and sloppy defense proved to be the achilles’ heel for the game. Following the loss, the Islanders beat their crosstown rival, the New York Rangers 4-3 in a shootout.

Yes, the frustration is understandable, but to bash specific players and already begin doubting the team as a whole? Can’t say I understand that.

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-Peter (@pjmcentee)