New York Islanders Tweets Of The Week

By Andy Graziano

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As the New York Islanders season continues its downward spiral, we feel the need to take a look back at what Twitter has to offer in the ways of some amusement and much needed laughter around Islanders country.

The social media network has given fans of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds their voice with some taking full credit behind their own account and others going the anonymity route.

Either way, if you can keep it all in perspective, there are times where it does provide a good chuckle and does its job to lighten the mood, which admittedly, is very sour around these parts lately.

Other times the 140 character statuses written by #islestwitter are just so outlandish and ridiculous that the only option is to breathe in deeply, exhale deeply then go take a walk.

Whether you buy into the conspiracy theories floating around or just like to picture that head coach Jack Capuano actually lives in general manager Garth Snow‘s basement, Twitter has become my best friend in the journalism industry as well as my worst enemy. It truly is a ‘double edged sword’, as they say.

The team is coming off a 4-10-1 November and after last night’s loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins did nothing to quell the fickle fan-bases attitude starting December, the team now heads off on a brutal five game Western conference road trip that could either right the ship or have them all but mathematically eliminated by Christmas.