Islanders Survivor : Home Edition Results

By Andy Graziano

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The results have been tabulated in our first ever National Hockey League Survivor home edition featuring the New York Islanders.

Some were surprising but most were not. The general consensus was along the lines of what we have been seeing from the fanbase on social media networks and for some players, their time on Montauk enjoying the beautiful summers by the water has come to an end.

On a more puzzling note, can you actually believe that captain John Tavares, the face of our franchise and captain, actually received some (albeit a few) ‘go’ votes?

With the poll being anonymous and those people declining to leave comments explaining their position, we are left to imagine how they came to their conclusion. One can only imagine that perhaps some alcohol might have been involved.

The results are below for your perusal, nicely summarized so you don’t have to go back to the original article and click ‘view results’ for each and every player. See how giving I am to my loyal readers? It is the Christmas season after all. ?


Insert creepy video here:

Insert another creepy video here:

Never heard of Steven Page, but he needs a new wardrobe, that’s for sure.

Thanks to all those who took the time out to vote. We will run another one of these in the off-season and who knows, there might be some new faces that will stand before the ultimate trial by fire that is Islanders social media.