Eyes on Isles Presents: The Deke Squad — Episode 1

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Dec 23, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; New York Islanders center Ryan Strome (18) takes a shot against the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Strome has been returned to Bridgeport. Good move? Bad move? Explain the logic here.

CT: It’s an “okay” roster move, Rich. I don’t love it because I want to see Strome continue playing in the NHL. In my opinion, he’s ready, and has looked comfortable throughout. But I also understand that it was necessary.

The Islanders really had no other option because of the game-limit that would allow/prevent him from playing in the AHL during the Olympic break.

Chances are, we will see Strome back on the Island after the Olympic break, but in order to be permitted to return to the AHL during it, he can only play 7 more games (max) leading up to February 9th. And Strome has to play during those two weeks off.

RDR: You know, Chris, when I initially read about this move, my thoughts were: Hmm, strange.

And like you mentioned, Mr. Art Staple tweeted at 1pm on Wednesday that all NHL teams received a memo stating that any player who plays more than 15 of 20 games prior to Sochi cannot be sent to the AHL.

But he had, like you said, 7 games left before he would be ineligible, so why do it now? But I gave it some thought as the day drew to a close.

If you were to ask me whether or not Ryan Strome was as significant a factor in the manner of a Calvin de Haan, I’d have to say, “No.” Not that much of a difference maker, but not necessarily that detrimental, either.

Let me explain the aforementioned before #islestwitter shoots my dog, burns down my house, and blows up my car:

He’s got the goods, for sure. But, a bit more AHL time, all in preparation for a full-time gig with the Islanders in 2014-15, would be highly beneficial.  But suffice to say, most fans have disagreed, or are at the most, puzzled that Strome is heading back to the Bridge so soon.

I was never behind bringing up Strome in the first place, simply because I thought the situation he was coming into at the time was counter-intuitive to his development. And yes, losing is a part of playing sports, but I didn’t want to see him on the 4th line, and the 3rd line isn’t why this lad was drafted.

But I’m glad that he proved me wrong, to an extent, and proved his worth for a bit while here. All that said, Strome wasn’t a glaring addition to this team. But he will be. No. Doubt. No doubt whatsoever. Loads of talent.

Hey, let’s put it this way: the Isles aren’t ready for him. How’s that? Ha! I think he’s coming back, though. This season. Simple as that.

What do you think in the end Chris? Oh, and one has to wonder when exactly we see the return of one Pierre-Marc Bouchard. He’s about due, no?

CT: I’m not so sure about Bouchard, solely because I don’t believe the “demotion” had anything to do with performance.

I expect Strome to be back before February (sometime around the game vs. the Blues), and for him to remain on Long Island for the rest of the season.

RDR: I wouldn’t mind either move, in my opinion. Bouchard or Strome, either one has to step up and help continue this current surge of chemistry and success.

And both have or will benefit from some fine tuning.

I will say this: Strome was much more noticeable in his short tenure with the Isles than Bouchard. But I’m hopeful that if and when he reemerges, Bouchard can prove his worth on the Island.


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