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Stadium Series In Pictures

By Andy Graziano

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sport

The Stadium Series game Wednesday evening between the New York Islanders and New York Rangers was a classic rivalry game that highlighted each of the team’s strengths and weaknesses on a huge stage.

With game time temperatures feeling like 7 degrees, over 50,000 people decided to brave the elements and travel to the Bronx for an experience unlike any other they might have in their lifetime.

This week, we take a quick break from tweets of the week to bring the sights of the venue and game from you, the fans. These pictures were all captured on the social media network, Twitter. Many of you showed your seating location, took a great shot with friends or maybe a selfie to show everyone nice and warm at home just how miserable you looked in the frigid conditions.

In any event, I hope that all who participated and attended had a wonderful time and returned home safely.