Islanders Tweets Of The Week

By Andy Graziano

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Another week in Islanders country and more outcry on the social media network, Twitter.

With the team currently ten points shy of a playoff berth with under 30 games to play, the news broke that Thomas Vanek would like to test free agency. As you could well imagine, that made for some interesting reading as to what people across the fan-base were thinking.

Fans have every right to be downtrodden and frustrated as the team seems to continue to spin their wheels and players acquired do not seem to want to stay.

The future does look bright for this team, who, outside of November-mid December, has played better than their overall record might indicate. But that seems to be small consolation to the long suffering.

Let’s get back on track and check out the best that Twitter had to offer us from the past week.