The Deke Squad – Issue No. 5: Tavares Early Season Exit, Garth Snow’s Comments, & the “Oshie Rule”

By Rich Dias-Rodrigues
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3. The shootout exists in international play, with the only difference being that, after a team’s first three players shoot, a coach can use any player as many times as he wants. In USA’s 3-2 win over Russia during the preliminary rounds, Dan Bylsma utilized T.J. Oshie four times, eventually netting the winner against Sergei Bobrovsky. Do you think the NHL should adopt the “Oshie Rule”?

CT: Absolutely not. I don’t like the shootout as is, mainly because I think it takes away from the “team aspect” of the game. No game should be decided by a shootout, and even more so by one player in the shootout.

If the rule was implemented, sure, it would definitely put a spotlight on several team’s players, as it did to T.J. Oshie for Team USA. Hockey isn’t about one player, though. Hockey is a team sport through-and-through, and it would be a travesty to put that kind of focus on an individual and the shootout.

Make the shootout an Olympic sport or something, I don’t know.

RDR: Left up to me, I’d allow for teams to finished tied after regulation. Lessens the chance for injuries, and most importantly, forces teams to play harder in the twilight moments of a game. Moreover, the shootout is a disgrace and an insult to hardwork.  Not fair at all that after 65:00 of play, the extra point goes to the team whose guy has a better deke.

No way. Shootouts must go.

CT: I want to shout that off of rooftops.

Rich Dias-Rodrigues (@RDNHL)
Chris Triantafilis (@christriants)