NHL Roadtrips For The Ultimate Fan

By Andy Graziano

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

How many of us wish we could visit another National Hockey Arena that is not the one in our hometowns with other passionate hockey fans?

There is nothing quite like sharing the passion for the greatest game on ice with other men and women and getting away from the daily grind that is school, work, bills and commutes.

That dream can be a reality for many and was the driving force behind the creation of Road Ice Travels, a website started by Rob Miller that offers hockey fans a chance to hit the road and catch either their favorite team in a hostile environment or totally go against the grain and see two teams you would have never imagined watching otherwise.

The company has a great website that takes you through all the questions that fans might have about the service they offer. They also have a Facebook page and Twitter handle to follow along and get notified of all the latest updates as they occur.

This is truly a service that you want to take advantage of. Their next trip coming up features the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers and since this is an Islanders page and none of you will be taking advantage of that selection, you can certainly check out the page that describes what you get for an extremely reasonable price. You can also use their website to recommend trips that you might be interested in attending.

Please go check out the website, like the Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. Get your suggestions in on what arenas you would like to visit and most importantly, go on one and have a great time!

Below is the group’s mission statement:

Road Ice Travels provides hockey fans with the ultimate fan experience.  Our road trips and fan events include game tickets, group meet and greets, transportation, hotel if necessary as well as other great surprises.  Our packages are perfect for holiday gifts, bachelor parties, company events, networking, and of course die hard hockey fans.  For questions or more information regarding upcoming events, or if you have a suggested trip or event, please email us at info@roadicetravels.com