Isles Sale News: Andrew Barroway Out, Another Buyer In?

By Kenny Conrade

New York Islanders sale rumors and talk have been floating around for months. It all began in late March when Bob McKenzie of TSN reported that Islanders owner Charles Wang had received offers and may be interested in selling the team. Then just days later, names began to come out and eventually began to be narrowed down. But for all of this time, rumors and talk have been centered around one potential buyer: Philadelphia Hedge Fund Manager Andrew Barroway. Well, now according to Newsday’s Steven Marcus, Andrew Barroway may have moved on. Marcus tweeted the following today: “ISLES: Source said Philadelphia based hedge fund manager Andrew Barroway has ceased negotiations to buy team.”

This news may come as a surprise to many, as it seemed it was all up to Wang to decide whether or not he wanted to relinquish control of all or a portion of the team he has owned for over a decade. It seems that Barroway’s patience with Wang may have run out. A couple of months ago, it was reported by Chris Botta that Barroway was prepared to purchase 80% of the Islanders from Wang for 320 million dollars, so it seems strange that Barroway would just pull out like this. It seemed as if Barroway was the guy and it would just take some time for Wang to decide how much, or if he wished to sell the team at all. Although this seems strange from the outside looking in, there may be something else going on that we don’t know about.

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That something else may be another potential buyer. It is very possible that another buyer that we don’t know about may have stepped up and outbid Barroway, causing him to pull out of negotiations to buy the team. Some rumors of this stemming from Isles Mania and “Mattyboy 2.0” have surfaced in recent days, but obviously this is all just speculation and no one on any of these message boards is a reputable source. This now certainly becomes a bit more interesting considering the news today that Barroway is out. But as of right now all we know is that Andrew Barroway is out. Just take a step back, Isles fans, as only time will tell what happens with your franchise. The question now remains: Did Barroway’s patience run out, or did he get outbid?